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June 24, 2022 | 5pm - 10:30pm

Peter G redar park

217 Gregory st
Schererville, IN 46375



Spooky Pengin Art

Rachel is the artist behind Spooky Pengin Art! Her specialty is hand-poured acrylic paint art and she works with anything from canvas to wood. Due to her medium, no two products are quite alike, so you’re guaranteed to get something unique and one-of-a-kind every time. She credits YouTuber Jenna Marbles as her inspiration to play with her art and loves that it allows her the freedom to stay creative.

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Celestial Lake

Corri is the creator behind Celestial Lake! She makes laser cut earrings and ornaments for the holidays. She was always making gifts for friends, but just recently opened her shop online due in no small part to Rachel and Jessica's encouragement (or more accurately, when they bullied her into it). Never sitting still, Corri is putting out new items all the time!

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Jessy's Jems Shop

Jessica is the owner behind Jessy’s Jems Shop. In true fashion, she can’t stick to one type of product, and therefore offers a variety of hand sewn accessories as well as collaged home decor. She’s been sewing since highschool and it’s become one of her biggest passions. She’s heavily inspired by her love of Disney, pop culture, and accessorizing.

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Spookems Lake is a collaborative group consisting of three individual shops: Celestial Lake, Spooky Pengin Art, and Jessy’s Jems Shop! Three friends decided to team up in order to support each other and offer a variety of our products in-person at craft shows around our area.

Photo of Spookems Lake members